Current Business and Legal Issues in the Oil and Gas Market

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Haynes and Boone, AEGIS and EnerCom  Replay of our Tuesday, November 1 (EFDG & Energy Tracker Webinar) including updates on current energy issues involving capital markets, finance and restructuring in the oil patch. This is a continuation of our Weekly Energy Tracker calls that began in March 2020, starting with Season 6 the webinar takes place on a monthly basis. Our hosts include, Jeff Nichols, Co-chair of Haynes and Boone’s Energy Practice Group, Buddy Clark, Co-chair of Haynes and Boone's Energy Practice Group, Jeremy Kennedy, Partner, Haynes and Boone's Energy, Power, and Natural Resources Practice Group, Dan Genovese Director, EnerCom, and Matt Marshall, Director, Market Analytics, AEGIS.

Haynes Boone: Energy Tracker Webinar – November 2022- oil and gas 360

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