EnerCom, Inc. is an internationally-recognized management consulting firm advising companies on investor relations, corporate strategy/board advisory, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), marketing, analysis and valuation, media, branding, and visual communications.
Founded in 1994, EnerCom was built with a vision of being a trusted advisor to the global energy industry and capital markets. EnerCom’s solutions are client based. Our industry knowledge supports the delivery of our high-quality, value-added services. Our clients trust our experience delivering integrated marketing and corporate branding programs.

We are passionate about our clients, and we work to generate that same excitement with our client’s targeted markets. We provide each client with market and financial analysis, graphic and design support and unmatched industry insight. We use our contacts, experience and know-how to position your company to build brand recognition that drives valuation and returns.

EnerCom has been providing thoughtful consulting, analytics, valuation and insights for more than twenty five years. Our focus is on helping our clients manage to their advantages and capture recognition for their efforts.

Our marketing and design work is performed in house by our team of industry-focused professionals. As an added benefit, clients receive direct access to an integrated design team and expert consultants who work with you to develop, design, and maintain your core messages.

Oil & Gas 360 (OAG360) is a one-stop source of news, information, and analysis from the professionals at EnerCom, Inc. The website is dedicated to all things energy: people, technologies, transactions, trends, and macro-economic analysis that impact commodity prices. Our goal with OAG360 is to be a trusted source of information and analysis for:

  • Portfolio managers
  • Equity research analysts
  • Private equity capital
  • Private investors
  • Oil & gas executives and professionals
  • Government officials involved in the oil and gas industry
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ESG