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Welcome to the DisruptSV wiki!

Here, we will analyze vulnerabilities in major Silicon Valley firms.

The goal is to create a knowledge base of ways to

  1. Earn money. Profitability is the top priority.
  2. Deal damage to Silicon Valley firms, preferably to the entrepreneur's advantage, and never at a cost.

Naturally, I don't expect anyone to contribute information they're executing on. However, we all see opportunities we're disinclined to pursue for some reason or another. Please contribute these so that others can flesh them out or run with them. As we accumulate knowledge, vulnerability analyses, and exploitation plans, our community will become a hub for tech entrepreneurs, and we will all benefit from being so connected.

-- Enmerkar (talk) 03:51, 6 May 2018 (PDT)

Page Schema

  • Company, overall strategy.
    • General strategy
    • Child companies, in alphabetical order.
      • Relationship to general strategy, if noteworthy.
      • Vulnerability related to the child company.
        • Action plan -- a rough sketch for taking advantage of the vulnerability.

Getting Started

Start with overall strategy and Silicon Valley firms.


I ask that you contribute in the following ways, in descending order of impact:

  • Choose an action plan and execute it. Feel free to plug your project if you do this.
    • If your venture doesn't work out, document your journey and link it under the action plan so others can learn from your experiences.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in large firms' business models. Don't worry about exploitability at this stage.
    • Add the vulnerability to the page of the relevant firm, creating the necessary child company subsection if it is absent.
    • Cite sources abundantly. Other contributors will need as many entry points as possible for discovering ways to profitably exploit the vulnerability.
  • Write action plans for exploiting vulnerabilities.
    • A good action plan prioritizes profit over damage; an ideal one is profitable early and throughout.
    • The course of business should be sufficiently close to the vulnerability that many opportunities to exploit it arise.
    • Successful execution of the action plan should lead to the possibility of direct competition with the vulnerable company, leveraging the past business model as an enhancement.
  • Add pages for large firms that do not already exist.
    • Write an overview of the company's core business model and how it relates to its child companies.
    • Work out a general strategy to bring the company down through mass competition with its child companies. Read other pages for inspiration.
    • Add child companies that figure significantly in the general strategy, and write a little about how they relate within their sections.


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started